Amavasya Dates 2013

Amavasya 2013 Dates, New Moon days 2013, No moon days 2013, Amavasya Calender 2013

Amavasya 2013

Amavasya 2013

The new moon day is called Amavasya (Amavasi) and is observed as a day of fasting in India. Amavasya iscelebrated as a day of new beginnings. It is a time to discard the old (habits, thought processes, failures and negative influences) and embrace the promise of new ‘light’ that the new moon brings to us.

Since the Hindu year is organized according to the lunar months,Amavasya is the beginning of the new lunar month which last 29 days. Many festivals, the most famous being Diwali (the festival of lights) are observed on this day.

Here is the list of Amavasya 2013 dates or New (No) Moon days in 2013

11 January FridayPaush AmavasyaMargashirsha Amavasya
10 February SundayMagha Amavasya Paush Amavasya
11 MarchMondayPhalguna Amavasya Magha Amavasya
10 April WednesdayChaitra Amavasya Phalguna Amavasya
09 May ThursdayVaishakha Amavasya Chaitra Amavasya
08 June SaturdayJyaishta AmavasyaVaishakha Amavasya
08 July MondayAshadha AmavasyaJyaishta Amavasya
06 AugustTuesdayShravana Amavasya Ashadha Amavasya
05 September ThursdayBhadrapada Amavasya Shravana Amavasya
04 October FridayAshwin Amavasya Bhadrapada Amavasya
03 November SundayKartik AmavasyaAshwin Amavasya
02 December MondayMargashirsha Amavasya Kartik Amavasya

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