Akshaya Tritiya 2014 Date

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Akshaya Tritiya 2014 Date

Akshaya Tritiya 2014 Date

Vaishaka suddha Tadiya or the third day of the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Vaishaka is observed as Akshaya Tritiya. Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on   Friday, 2nd  May 2014.

Akshaya means the one that is never ending or infinite. It is believed that Lord Vishnu is the ruler of this day. Any deed which pleases the God like Japa, Daana etc on Akshaya Tritiya would yield infinite virtue. It is believed that buying of Gold on Akshaya Tritiya would make sure that Gold never diminishes and would only grow to bring wealth and prosperity. Lot of people buy atleast some amount of Gold on Akshaya Tritiya. Treta Yuga started on Akshaya Tritiya. The one day out of the three days, success is guaranteed if a work is started is Akshaya Tritiya, the other two being Ugadi and Vijaya Dasimi or Dassera.

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  1. m r shanthi prakash

    Apr 30. 2014

    akshaya thrithiya very auspicious day for anything good that is done with good intention. unfortunately gold has been made road for the common man. right thinking people should start this auspicious day with good work hr helping others and serving their gods by their religion would help the country to prosper in right direction

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