Abhijit Nakshatra 2015 Dates

Abhijit Nakshatra Dates and times in 2015

Abhijit is a Nakshatra (Asterism) in Indian astrology system. Vega is known as Abhiji. Vega is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra. Abhijit means “Victorious” or “the One who cannot be defeated”.

Here is the Abhijit Nakshatra calender for the year 2015.

datedayskanda shasti
07 January Mondayskanda shasti
06 FebruaryMondayskanda shasti
07 March Wednesdayskanda shasti
06 April Thursdayskanda shasti
05 MaySaturdayskanda shasti
04 June Tuesdayskanda shasti
04 July Thursdayskanda shasti
02 AugustFridayskanda shasti
01 September Sundayskanda shasti
01 October Tuesdayskanda shasti
25 October Fridayskanda shasti day 1
26 October Saturdayskanda shasti day 2
27 October Sundayskanda shasti day 3
28 October Mondayskanda shasti day 4
29 October Tuesdayskanda shasti day 5
30 October WednesdaySoora Samharam
31 October ThursdayTiru Kalyanam
29 November FridaySubrahmanyan shasti
28 December Saturdayskanda shasti

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