Why Aapti leaves Exchanged As Gold During Dasara?

Katha of Apti leaves as sona in dasara Celebrations, Story behind Exchanging Aapti leaves during Dussehra Once there was a Brahmin by the name of Kausta. He was the son of Devadatta. ... Continue Reading →

Semi Pooja Legend

Semi Puja Story of Dasara, Semi Pooja katha, Story of Jammi tree (Shami Vruksha)   Pandavas lost their kingdom and every thing to the Kauravas in gambling. Finally Kauravas agreed ... Continue Reading →

Victory of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura

Dasara, also called as Vijaya dashmi, is a famous Hindu festival celebrated on the Dashami of Ashvin month. According to Hindu mythology people celebrate this festival because Goddess ... Continue Reading →

Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha

Anant Chaturdashi Story, Ananth chaturdashi Vrat katha, Legend of Anant Chaturdashi Once there lived a Brahmin by the name of Sumanth. He had a wife named Deeksha. They had a beautiful ... Continue Reading →

Radha Ashtami Story

Radhastami, Radha Ashtami Katha, Legends of Radha Ashtami, Stories of Radha Ashtami Godess Radha  is also known as  Radharani and Radhika, is the childhood friend and lover of God ... Continue Reading →
kurma avatara

Kurma Avatara

Kurma Avatara is one among the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu (Dashavatara). Kurma is a sanskrit word which means Tortoise. Tortoise is known for its stability and introspective nature. Here ... Continue Reading →