Pitru Paksha

Pitr paksha, Pitri Paksha, Pitru Pakshya, Pitri Pokkho Pitru means ancestors and Paksha means 15 day lunar period. Thus Pitru Paksha is a 15 day lunar period, when Hindus pay homage ... Continue Reading →

Pitru Paksha Daan

Donation during Pitru Paksha, What to donate on Pitru Pksha?, Dana / Danam on Mahalaya Paksha According to Itihasa there is ten types of Daan. Go, Bhu, Til, Swarna, Grita, Vastra, Dhanya, ... Continue Reading →

Dwadasha Pitru Devatalu

Dwadasha means Twelve, Dwadasha Pitru Devatalu means Twelve Pitru Devatalu. Dwadasha pitru devatalu include Matru Varga, Pitru Varga, Mata Maha Varga and Mata Mahi Varga. Pitru Varga ... Continue Reading →

Addressing Relationships During Shraddh

How to address Pithru during the Shraddha? Here is the list that to whom Tarpan should be performed and how to address them? NumberRelationshipHow to address the Pithru? (Asmath) 1FatherPitharam (Vasu ... Continue Reading →

Shannavathi Shraddha

Shannavati Shradh Days, Days of Shannavati Shradda, 96 Shraddh days Shannavathi means ninety six. According to Hindu scriptures we can perform ancestor rites on 96 specific days in ... Continue Reading →

Avidhva Navami

Avidhva Navami Shradh performed on the ninth day of Dark fortnight of the hindu lunar month Bhadrapada (Ashwin as per north Indian calenders). If any lady in the family died, When Her ... Continue Reading →


Tharpanam, What is Tarpan, Tarpanam meaning, Tarpanam during Pitru Paksha, Tharpan, Tarpanam Ritual Hindus show their respect and devotion towadrs the ancestors and gods by offering ... Continue Reading →

How to offer food to ancestors during the Pitru Paksha?

Offering food to the Pitru Devatalu (Ancestors) First prepared food must be offered as Naivedyam to the god, Then it is called Prasadam. We offer that prasadam to please the ancestors. ... Continue Reading →

Do’s and Don’ts of Pitru Paksha

During the Pitru Paksha period, there are some rules that should be followed. Do’s during the Pitru Paksha During the Pitru Paksha period one  should perform fallowing things. Must ... Continue Reading →

Why to Perform Pitru Paksha Shraddha?

Pitru Paksha Shradh / Mahalaya Paksha Shraddha is performed during the krishna Paksha in the hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada (Amavasant calenders)/ Aswin (Purnimant Calenders). Performing ... Continue Reading →

Pitru Paksha 2012

Pitru Paksha 2012, Pitr Paksha 2012, Pitru paksham 2012 Dates, When is Pitru Paksha in 2012?, Pitru Paksha Shradh Dates 2012 Pitru Paksha means 15 day ancestor period. Pitru Paksha ... Continue Reading →

Amavasya Shraddha | Amavas Shraddha

Sarvapitra Moksha Amavasya, Amavasya Shraddha, Amavas Shraddha, Mahalaya Amavasya, Sarva pitru Amavasya The shraddha that is performed on the Amavasya thiti of the Krishna Paksha Bhadrapada ... Continue Reading →